About Me

I am Rajesh khanna.
I was working as computer programmer / system analist in India for about 8 years.
Then I got married to a beautiful woman from Netherlands originally from Punjab, India.

I decided to move to Netherlands in 1992 thinking Europe will offer me more opportunities. But I was wrong.
When I came to Netherlands, its economy had failed, Even It industry was suffering. I had to learn Dutch language to communicate. I went to school to learn Dutch language but all my efforts were in vain.

My wife found daytime job, and I went back to school to learn technical skills so that I could work in a factory.
After two years of hard work , I got my Diploma and started working.
As the time passed, I got a raise and we decided to start a family. We got two beautiful children in due course of time and decided to buy a new bigger house.

We toke a mortgage on the house and put in all our savings redecorating our new house. Our children grew and with it our needs. We both were doing well. I was earning good pay and our life was comfortable. We could afford to go on vacation every year, we had two cars and life seemed satisfying.

Then came financial crisis of 2012. banks failed, big business houses went bankrupt, even countries like Greece, Italy and Portugal went bankrupt. Exports declined, production came to a halt.

My company decided to shift its base away from Europe. I was again without a job. I had responsibilities but no means of supporting them. Luckily my wife a government employee still had a job and I could look forward to 70% of my basic pay for couple of years as compensation.

It was not enough for the lifestyle we were used to. I decided to work for myself. I decided to start a business.
I was looking for a business to sustain my income and support my family in their hour of the need.

I wanted to start my own business but it had to be one that will move forward with time and give me freedom to chose my own hours. The earnings had to be substantial to live the life of a wealthy and healthy gentleman. I came across Six Figure mentors (Digital experts academy) and saw the potential to make my dreams come true.
I joined with the group as a member and affiliate and we are happy to say that my decision proved to be the right one.