Life is boring make it exciting

Life Can Be Boring, Make It Exciting

We all have been working since we invented commerce. We work for ourselves, our family and to be somebody in the society. But let me ask you a question “Is it satisfying”?

Satisfaction is what we thrive on. It is the most important thing in our life. We all want satisfaction but do we do enough to achieve it?

Let me tell you a story about One simple man who made his livelihood cutting wood.
He was satisfied with little money that he got after selling wood at the end of the day, because he was only thinking about the food he will get when he got home that day.
One day it rained and he lost his temporary house, now he needed more money, he worshipped God for help. God decided to grant him a boon to because God was happy with his hard work.
He asked the simple man what for AXE would you like (1) sharp steel one or (2) axe made of gold? The simple man thought for a few moments and replied that if he can get an axe made of gold he can sell it and will not have to work. God now knew this simple man has become greedy and does not want to work anymore and he took away the old axe of the woodcutter. Now the woodcutter had nothing and he lost his livelihood.

Do you see yourself in the role of the woodcutter? We all want to get rich but do not want to work hard for it. If you want satisfaction in life, you have to work for it.

The morale of the story is “satisfaction comes in different forms but your passion for your work is most important”.

How do we increase our level of satisfaction? how do we go about it? What is satisfaction? Ask yourself Am I satisfied? Is my 9 to 5 job satisfying for me or is it my ego that is satisfied. Do I want to work for somebody? or do I want to build my life around my Passion?

Our level of satisfaction can increase if what we do everyday is what we wanted to do all the time. There are not many jobs that run around our passion or our goal in life. To achieve a goal in our life we have to work hard and if it is satisfying work we have achieved our prime objective.

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